S.Paradzanovís interview to Armenian TV at the exhibition opening ceremony in Yerevan.

January 15, 1988.

Biography . . . I donít quite remember my biography. Whatís my biography ? ďDardĒ (sorrow - from Armenian language) - here is its eternal form. Now, lately after my third arrest is over, I somehow can sum up something, turned around and see that I am old. Thatís how I feel my 63 years. My professor died when he was 43. My teacher - Savtchenko, a great master of Soviet cinema, died in his 43. Back then then he was an old man fore us. We all were 20 years old young men: Alov, Naumov, Khutziev, Mironer, Berezhnukh.

Ukraine has attacked me with desire that I shot ď The word about Igorís hostď. It was the greatest award for me. I had been dreamintg of hat for a long time. I dreamedb of shooting a film together with Gerasimov. He shoots realism and I shoot surealism. Thus we have a two-lager pie with stuffing.

Due to my retirment age I feel more tenderness to the motherland where I unfortunately donít live. Armenia for, it is art and history, it is my friends,my joys, our creative losses.

I am not a professional and I donít aspire to that. My exhibition is not a hobby, itís a necessity of my profession. I am a film director: I was taught by great masters Savtchenko and Dovzhenko, both of them drew , Eisenstein also so I willy-nilly started drawing myself, making collages, joining texturs, searching for a kind of plastics.

I want children to visit the exhibition because now the time came to seek, to find and to realize the beautiful, the beautiful around us - our mountains, sky. We should be able to express passins, to see, to love and to venerate.

Thatís why Iíve created a special room for children where I expressed in puppets the plastics - expressed the tragedy of war, humourously showed Karmen and Hoze and even the Turk who had betrayed Kare. All that is for childrenís education: my suitcases turned into elepfants and elephants turned intosuitcases. So this Small World will interestingly open before children of Armenia who deserve great attention because we need to restore so many things in Armenia culture, to equalize consumers, to equalize common taste in the country.

One of the rooms - itísď a room in memory of Tarkovskiď. Iíve dedicated to him two dummies called ď Pietaď and made a collage about the night bird.

In the ď room of radianceĒ there are dresses to the ďDemonď, bouquets - dedications - admiretion with life.

One of the rooms is ďa room of my fateď. This is my fate, fate of my friends, their attitude towards me. Here I expose in harmonious combinition works of Georgian and Armenian artists and my self-portrait.

Here Iíve expressed reverential attitude towards my mother - an Armenian who had devoted her life to bringing up mthe children.Unfortunately, she has never been to Armenia, hasnít found time for that: she either ran around trying to sget my father discharged from prison or was busy with bringing up her children.

Hereís also my diploma signed by Dovzhenko, my school-leaving certificate, my grandfather selling wine, my uncle,our institute: Melik-Avakayan,Khutziev and me - three Armenians who had entered the same year Moscow Institute of Cinematography. All that excites me.

. . . ď The room of black - and- white art Ē, where I have devoted the whole wall to ď Baku comissarsĒ - the elegy wall, drawings and the the bouquet devoted to my dearly loved brother who hadnít returned back home from the war.

Iím not a professional and I fan the critics to consider me as a proffesional artist. Iím an art-lover and film director. And you are now in my workhop where the process of my films is taking place and for what I get awarded. All in all, Iíve got 60 golden medals. What did I get it for ? For taste,for my ability to express the plastics.

There is no any prodigy. Iím in search of that,that in the nature. It helps me to catch, to fix , to create the plastics and to venerate. This exibition is my celebration.

For me national character is above all and the most precious thingf in my life. Thatís why Iíve chosen thy Folk art museum. I devoid the critics of the right to consider me a proffesional artist. Iím a film director and Iím proud of this profession. And Iíve nevertried to get into own films in order to immortalize myself.

Everyone knows that I have three Motherlands. I was born in Georgia, worked in Ukraine and Iím going to die in Armenia.

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Sergei Parajanov's signature