Immediately after his death he was named the last genius of the XX century cinema and one of the most pradoxical figures of modern culture: a worldwide acknowleged film director and an ordinary prisoner of the Soviet GULAG, a universal favorite and a thorn in the flesh of all types leaders, ironical and mirciless interlocutorand, at the same time, a sentimental and fragile man - Sergey Paradzhanov.

Inner freedom and constant need to substantiate thouths have led him to individual creative work. Genetically caused and accumulated during the years his feelings, thouths and passions not only have enriched world art with his avant-garde cinema language and masterpieces but also have provoked other sides of his talent. He was unusually integral and organic- in speech, eurhythmics of movements, in eccentricity of existence, in writing style, in language of cinema, in flights of fancy and eventually in whole his life, maestro Sergey Paradzhanov.

Puppets to Paradzhanov were not only mere object of art, but speechless of actors of his performances as well ,- brilliantly manufactured by him they have never been a comlete likeness of a human being, sience the world he portrayed was the world of Paradzhanov fantasy living Masterís magic.

Paradzhanovís gift of improvisation and imagination have manifested itself with special force in his numerous collages, plane and voluimeric. The element creation carries him wholy away because potentialities are unlimited, indeed: photos, dried up plants, rags of babrics and laces, parts of mechanisms, pieces of glass and china - he mounts all that on plane or in space creating absolutely unique world. The technique of collage, outwardly easy, was a godsend for the film director who hadnít special art education.

Quotations from Karen Mikaeljan's article